Saturday of domesticity

My maid came this morning, she’s so adorable and happy that I greeted her with mabuhay. (Just brandishing greetings around simply because I know it lol.) I would also say namaste to a Nepalese (not so sure about Indians), and asalamalakum to a Muslim Sri Lankan (not so sure about other types of Muslims).

Anyways my maid’s name is Joy and she’s really cute. In the same sort of cute as this freckled sales promoter I once hired. I told S (no, not Sebs, another S) that I thought she was cute, and he told me to keep it in my pants. As if I don’t get enough reminders that I’m apparently now turning into a man. Excuse me! Joy said I looked 19. I am pleasantly surprised; S thinks she knows how to market herself well. Excuse me no. 2!

So now I’m trying to figure out if I should get an ironing board + iron, simply because she can come in every weekend to iron my clothes for me, or if I should be a bit more independent and get a clothes steamer. Because I can’t iron and an iron would be wasted on me. Suggestions? I’m not used to having a maid. It creeps me out when they keep calling me ma’am. It makes me feel like my mother.

I just spent a lot of $$ stocking up my kitchen, partly because I like having food around (it visually makes me feel contented) and partly because S (this time it’s Sebs) would totally freak out if he sees an empty larder when he arrives next Friday. I also spent a substantial amount of $$ on reed diffuser, and some smoke-less tea lights (for my essential oils). And a birthday card for S.

And then some.

Some meaning Laura Mercier. My good friend Cheryl sent me a long email all the way from Australia, after my smoky eyes eyes, detailing everyone says Laura Mercier is the best on the market (although the brushes shed hair). I am now caught in a strange predicament – I have a whole bunch of primers and powders, with no brush. Hmm. You think I can find mineral makeup brushes at Sasa?

I have a question – where can one find quality products that work well and look good at reasonable prices? I’m finding my utilitarian tastes increasingly tending towards the high-end and it does not bode well for finances at all 😦

My purchase decision these days generally goes like this (y being the more expensive of the two): x vs. y – y looks better, oh let’s get y! it’s just a bit more expensive anyways! Or if it concerns food: x vs. y – y is super expensive but it’s made of premium ingredients and imported which means I can’t get it at Wellcome, oh let’s get y! It will be good for my health in the long run! Or if it’s an appliance: x vs. y – y kinda does look better, oh let’s get y! It will probably last longer!

Fail. Super fail. I need a man to keep me in check.

Ok, now I continue shopping. Had to come back because the groceries were killing me. Maybe I will go for a haircut, but only if they provide manicure/pedicure services too. Have no time to do both. Have to go to the office tonight. Tomorrow I have facial and waxing, simultaneously. My goal in life is to save time because guess what? I don’t have enough of it!!!


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