Need. to. learn. how. to. do. smoky. eyes. STAT.!!!!!!

There is hope left though. Last weekend I bought myself some liquid eyeliner because i) the sales assistant was so nice, and ii) I’m convinced Chanel does everything well (except bags) because I use their skincare and eye colors (although yeah – it often looks like I don’t have makeup on).

I’m going to try the eyeliner tomorrow night because… the contractors are coming to bang down, I mean knock down, some walls in my office at 9pm! HAHA. No more 11.30pm nights for me (for tomorrow, that is)!!! Woohoo!

Should I get myself some Laura Mercier mineral foundation? I really want to, but the peripherals are so expensive. You need a primer power thing which comes with its own brush, then the mineral powder itself which comes with another brush, and then some setting powder which – no surprises – demands its own brush as well; and each brush doesn’t come cheap, on average 200-300HKD. AND if you want concealer, you need to buy the concealer (and the brush) then the setting powder FOR the concealer (which also comes with its own brush).

If it doesn’t sound like an absurd marketing ploy, I don’t know what it is…


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