Oddly sentimental

Today I wanna talk about the people who make me feel at home in HK, a motley trio of men who have, in 2 months, become my surrogate family. Whenever the going gets tough, there’s always at one of them to cheer me up, give me a buddy-hug, or join in the bitching. Whenever I need a hand at something, they’re always there, reliable in a way that only problem-solving males can be.

I am a willing inductee. I will conduct ‘smell tests’ on their rooms every weekend, listen to all their heart to heart talk and find them all the women they want, in return for a precious thing I call friendship.

This evening, two of them took turns to message me a word at a time, and I had to read each message in sequence. It was a random and bright spot at the end of my long, tiring day, and that was when I realized that beyond being friends of convenience (you’ll find many of them when you’re alone in a city), I’ve actually grown quite truly fond of them.

They’ll laugh if they ever find out I’m writing this – but I’m a girl so I have a right to be oddly sentimental on this spectacularly unspecial occasion.


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