I’ve decided what to buy him! 😀 So excited now.. I just made him promise that he will not re-sell it (he did that to the shirts I bought him), give it away (he did that to the teddy bear I made for him), or exchange it (he did that to the bracelet I bought him last year). I told that even if he doesn’t use it, it’s OK – because I will ensure he uses it when we go on holidays together. Just as long as he keeps it, at least. 🙂

Today: SUCKED.

Let’s just say that all I felt like doing was slamming my digestive cookies onto her desk and screaming, “I don’t know how many hours YOU have a day, but I only have 24!!!” ### Rant… censored ###

Sometimes I feel morally superior because she never looks happy. At least I’m happy on weekends and when I’m with Sebs. And also the moment she goes home, leaving me all alone, finally, in a pleasant work environment.


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