How to make someone fall in love with HK

OK. I need a plan to lure him to come live/work in HK. Otherwise he will go to Singapore and then I will have to go back and then what’s going to happen to all the contracts I’ve just signed myself into!? It also doesn’t help that all the old-timers here keep telling me to make sure he moves here or the relationship will be doomed. 😦 Many old-timers here who have been  here, done that, and gotten dumped.

But he says he doesn’t like HK because it’s polluted, materialistic and dirty. And people are rude, apparently. Although I generally don’t find anyone rude, even in China. Except that man  who made me carry his bicycle after I banged him down. Cb

Did I mention I had the best tiramisu in my life with Liwern the other day? We went to this this cosy little trattoria in Soho. Nice salad, nice pasta, nice dessert. Nice companion too, it was really nice meeting up. 🙂


2 thoughts on “How to make someone fall in love with HK

  1. liwern says:

    hey mandy, hope you’re feeling better. wished we had more time. (:

    upload our only photo tog lar using your iphone-lookalike-samsung phone? haha..

    misses.. xx

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