Building up the layers

From: Amanda
To: Fred

you know..
i havent gotten my period for 2 weeks!?!?

(and im definitely nt preggers)

From: Fred
To: Amanda

Could be your diet/health etc
Not sure about girls stuff … maybe you check with mum


Do you know how disgusting it is to NOT have your period for 2 weeks? Think of all that endometrium buildup INSIDE MY WOMB. Worse that product buildup on hair.


2 thoughts on “Building up the layers

  1. myirandom says:

    tell me about it. i didnt have my period for 2 FREAKING MONTHS when i was in sweden! i was so pms-y the whole time. haha. i think it’s just climate change and your body trying to adjust to a new env. dont worry, babe. you will start bleeding eventually. Lol.

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