I found my mojo

HEY! The furniture is IN! I now have a bed frame which is a queen-sized American (which is not a queen-sized Asian), a wardrobe with three doors and a little adorable coffee table. I’m in love with it even in it’s incompletely-furnished state. It’s got potential, I keep saying, I keep seeing it everywhere, like in the matching silver industrial chic trimmings of my interiors, sowhen a friend came over, I eagerly asked him how my apartment was and all he could say was — it’s messy.

Pft. I hate obsessive people. Don’t care about impressing you lot with sparkling organization. So I lit up a cigarette with a vengeance and declared, “I’m going to smoke. Hope you don’t mind, it’s my place anyways.” Snigger. Hehe. Me was in vindictive mood yesterday! Seriously! He is SUCH a girl! He took like 1 month to make a decision on an apartment, and we went mattress -shopping yesterday and seriously he took FOREVER to decide on a mattress. I was playing Jewels on my Android for the longest time before finally saying, “Can we like, move on?” Zzz. I can see how being (for guys)/having (for girls) a well-thought out man is an asset but I would NEVER, EVER date someone like that. Absolutely drives me up the walls. In the end I bought the mattress after 5 minutes and he didn’t.

Anyway I got my mattress custom-made, with double springs and a doctor’s certification that it was good for the health. The TCM massage kinda made me a little neurotic. Just a little.

And in addition, I also bought a feather down quilt.. YUM YUM, I love down quilts, and a gazillion other ‘peripherals’ for my new home. Like a mega huge glass vase which I lugged all the way home (15 minutes walk) and cute plates (for.. you know, in case Sebs and I want to eat Korean side dishes LOL) and more glasses, and boxes and new blinds for my home and a gazillion other things. IKEA is really, really, really cheap. I bought enough things to fill up 2 carts and all I spent was like 3000HKD which is either 500SGD or close to 600SGD because the SGD/HKD is now 5.8. (I’m going to have to begin factoring in forex implications for my HKD-denominated earnings, pft). Amazing, IKEA is a really great business.

I was actually impressed with the order system, because I notice they control everything from the point of sale incluing which warehouse dock the goods will leave from, but then since they fucked up my order twice, I revise my opinion slightly.

I talked to Sebs so much yesterday 🙂 Hutchinson Three doesn’t offer IDD to Italy so for the past few weeks I’ve been making phonecalls to him via some international calling card which gives me 8 pathetic minutes for 100HKD. It is disgusting. But I found some cool IDD calling card from a dodgy shop selling calling cards to foreign workers hehehe and I bought 5 calling cards which gave me like 100 minutes talktime. I used up half of it yesterday. 🙂

Talking to him makes me so happy. I remember in the past, our phonecalls used to be so awkward like “how was your day” and the obligatory “I miss you” etc, but these days for some reason, we have transcended into super-comfort levels and it feels rewarding. I guess he feels it too. 🙂 So we finalized our October and December meetings — we’re going to Bangkok for the weekend 3 weeks from now, and he will kinda hang around my apartment while I go to work. Simply because he misses me and he will fly down and hang around my empty home just so that we can be together at the end of the day. What more can I ask for! I’m blessed, happy and loved.

Then in December we will do Cambodia, then back to HK, then to Bohol in the Philippines (we booked 6 nights at Eskaya!!! Zzomg!), then back to HK. And he goes home to Milan. 🙂 Yummy prospects to end 2010! I’ve officially been in a long distance relationship for almost a year now, excluding the time when he dumped me, and I’m quite impressed that it’s still going on strong. 🙂

Anyways me found my mojo yesterday. I went to Prive and for some strange reason, I got picked up so many times, and by very goodlooking men too! There is some life left in the amandina yet, don’t write me off completely. Even though I’m really attaining ‘brother’ status among my friends and I can’t decide if I want to be one of ‘them’ so that I can partake in all the juicy conversations, or be a ‘girl’ and receive only adultered, censored versions of malespeak. Yesterday I caught myself telling J, “if I were a girl” and stopped – “waitamin, I AM a girl!!!” Dohs.

OK me go to work now. Yep, after 2 days of fiddling around the house and hanging out, I need to get some work done. Life is sweet, and I really like being in HK because I spend time a lot more efficiently, and I definitely don’t feel like I’m ‘wasting time’ or ‘letting time pass me by’ which was a very recurring emotion I felt in Singapore.

P.S. Glory to my parents, love them to bits. I thank God they love me so much even though I’m quite a problematic daughter. I mean, I called dad like 2x yesterday to discuss merits of foam vs spring mattresses, and mom like 5x to ask about household cleaning agents, and pots and pans.


Email from papa (he is shipping over stuff to me via a friend who is coming to HK to live/work too):

Have called him this morning… his mover is coming on Mon so will bring the stuffs over tomorrow …
2 cartons.
Ist carton containing pots and pans plus coffee and 2 packs of pre-filter for the air purifier and Amway LOC general cleaner – can clean anything …
2nd carton is the air purifier … read the instruction carefully … the pre-filter (already) in the machine can last about 3 to 6 months … you can on the machine 24
hrs but suggest not or else u waste power and put stress on the machine … suggest you on only at home … set to high for the first 1 hr then switch to low while sleeping …
do not wash the pre-filter etc
put the machine in an open area where there is free circulation of air
mum said your bed sheet must change once per month … and don’t smoke at home (or on bed)


3 thoughts on “I found my mojo

  1. Yu Hui says:

    Hahaha I hate it when men behaves like women too. Wishy washy is such an unattractive trait.

    Love you are doing so well! 😀 would love to visit you when available. LOL

    Can do the intro od cute german veggie and seafood eating director. Hahaha

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