I went for a traditional Chinese medical therapy massage yesterday. The therapist was horrified at how ‘straight’ my neck was. Truth be told, I always thought I ha relatively good posture and isn’t a straight neck a good thing!? (No it’s not a good thing,”it’s very serious to have a straight neck at your young age”.) So he dedicated like an hour to prodding and poking my neck and I’m worse off now than before the massage. My neck feels abused! 😦 At the end of the session, he cracked joints of my body that I never knew existed and asked if my left shoes wear out faster than the right ones. Why, yes they do sinsei! Your left leg is longer than your right leg due to the placement of your hip, he solemnly told me. Ogay….. so how? What to do now about my straight neck and asymmetrical legs? This is why I don’t like going to doctors of any sort. They alert you to previously-unimaginable problems of all genres.


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