Im just randomly wondering…

Im just randomly wondering if i have a tendency to sleep facing north. The sun always rises on my right – at my old place in sg, current place in sg, old place at midlevels and my new place now too. I strongly believe this unexplained phenomenon has a key role to play on the huge sun spot i have on my right cheek.

In other news, tung replied my email and we are all set for an appt with him next next weekend. Am so worried sebs will regret getting a tattoo but he says it is a sign of his commitment to himself, hatred of corporate life.. And similarity with amandina.

Should i be worried? Ive just managed to make a normal person become as conflicted i am – a hippie trapped in a banker’s suit; or a materialistic capitalist pretending to be hippie. Lol take your pick.

Furniture arrives todayyyy!!

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