The day before National Day

For those dying for dim sum but chained to your desk, we can bring back some to the office if you want. Please notify me. No need to Reply All.

LOL – ‘chained to the desk’, how very apt. 

(t-1) days left to furniture……………… Can you tell I’m can’t wait to put a permanent end to my camping days? Thou shalt never ever go camping (real camping) again. Sleeping on the floor is absolutely horrible, my back/shoulder/neck hurts all over and I have caught a sneezing spell from too much/too little aircon.

My a/c works in binary – freezing, or off.

Should I cut my hair? Leave my hair? Sebs thinks I look better in short hair, but I think long hair is a lot more convenient (ironically) and versatile!

Please tell me what to do. I’m in a I-will-listen-to-anything-you-say mood.

Btw I stole my boss’ dried dates from her desk. I kinda ate it all up. I have NO IDEA how to explain the missing dates when she comes back Monday. I could try blaming the construction workesr that are coming in over the weekend.



5 thoughts on “The day before National Day

  1. YuHui says:

    Buy some more to replenish? Hahaha

    I think long hair is convenient too! So the next time I’ll ever go short hair is prob when I get pregnant. If that happens. Hahahaha

  2. you r really funny…

    anyway, if you want to save money then you should not cut your hair…. but i like having short hair. everytime I go for hair cut, there is always a surprise for me cos each time the cut is different…..

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