The damning truth

The damning truth is that.. even though I may turn a few heads on the streets – the heads that DO turn are more likely to be of the laborer sort than the sort I would actively want to attract. The damning truth is that.. either I was never that pretty to begin with, or I got uglier along the way. These days I find myself relegated to the ‘sidekick’ sort of role, the female buddy, the female wingwoman, the female with younger prettier friends – ‘please introduce me to them Amandina??’ I have an over-inflated esteem which has served me well over the years, cocooning me in an indestructible bubble of self-faith, worth and belief. But looks (the diminishing, or lack thereof) could well be my undoing!

And you know what’s funny? No matter how much makeup I try to put, or how much weight I try to lose – I will never truly be prettier. How’s that for a damning truth that cannot be rectified!?


2 thoughts on “The damning truth

  1. Cath* says:

    Honey!! Where is your self-confidence hiding?!

    If I was a male walking on the street ( a hot charming male) I will be the first to turn heads and look at you!

    In my eyes, you are pretty and ‘too’ skinny as a matter of fact.

    No need to feel doubtful about yourself, ’cause I’m sure there are many females out there who wish they were as pretty as you are!


  2. Haha… nooo it’s not that I’m not confident anymore……
    I mean, it doesn’t affect me. I can exist happily as a sidekick and I still have the same amount of fun. It’s just a realization!

    P.S. Did this post sound depressing? I had lots of worried emails/pings/smses re this. BTW I’m not depressed!

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