Utterly pointless

J what r u doing wed evening
A what is going on wed evening
J we have a rare and exciting event
J which u are cordially invited to join
J but it will require you to be decked in fasionably sporty attire
A stella mccartney type or puma type or y3 type or…
J hmmmm
J let me google
J how is stella mccartney sporty
J i can only see 1 type of sport that suits her attire
J http://www.adidas.com/campaigns/stellafw10/content/default.asp?strCountry_adidascom=us#/glow
J oo but this is cool
J glow in the dark
J anyway
J no not the stella mccartney type
J what is y3
A the shop below your house
A -_-
A yohji yamamoto
J as long as u can lift ur legs in a pair of sports shoes that will do
A can u give me more bg info before i agree/disagree
J but i tot u don’t have running shoes
J and it’s early
J like we have leave office at 7:15 latest
A ok then count me out lol
J lol
A why the hell did u even bother asking


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