I finished Phase 2 of moving, went out to a salsa club, went for supper, went to stay over because everyone felt bad that I was going to camp on the floor of my living room, HTHTed (heart-to-heart-talked) until like 5/6am – I honestly don’t know – woke up, went for some ‘famous beef noodles ‘at Wan Chai where I ate kai lan with copious amounts of chilli, went to IKEA where I decided on white oak as my color theme, went home and realized that white oak does not really suit my black doors, went back to IKEA and changed my white oak wardrobe and bed to black brown, and added a coffee table to my scheduled delivery on Friday. It’s the fourth time I’ve changed my mind on the wardrobes – IKEA must really hate me! Did not have time to see cats 😦 and everyone thinks getting a cat is a really stupid idea!


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