A rare moment of efficiency

What an efficient morning I had. By efficient I mean instead of hanging out and doing dunzo things like watching Kick-Ass and juicing a variety of vegetables and fruits, I finally went to do all the necessary but boring things I really needed to do, but never got down to.

This morning I received my parcel from Sebs (yay! – but more about that later) and immediately went to apply for a phone line and data plan. Then I went to HSBC to update my address/phone numbers and increase my limit for funds transfer. Then I went to collect my HKID – the office was closed, but at least it was an honest motive on my part. And finally I went to my new place to unpack everything sitting in the luggages from Phase 1 of Moving so that I can bring it back to my current place for Phase 2.

Many kind souls have offered their assistance to help me move out but my apartment really stinks of trapped cigarette smoke and I’m a bit embarrassed to accept their help lest they realize how truly disgusting I am.

Once Phase 2 is done (hopefully there’s no Phase 3!) I will measure what little there is of my apartment and go to IKEA and buy everything at one shot – and subsequently camp out on my living room floor until October 1 because that’s the earliest IKEA can deliver.


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