The next 45 days

I wanna cry 😦 Today was an absolutely, absolutely shit day (it’s 11pm now and I’m still here) and the  beautiful cherry on the topping is the production schedule I received for the next 45 days or so. What a nice TGIF present! Ever heard of 3 company initations + 11 Q3 results notes + a mammoth presentation update over the same period? HAVE YOU EVER?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just thinking about me is making me pee in/on my pants. I have three models to build by next week. Oh, my, mother lord of godsssss… 😦

Update from home:

And now my remote access token doesn’t work. Great.

Btw my key chain looks super ridiculous now. There are like 4 tokens hanging it from it – one from DBS, one from HSBC, one from work and one to electronically unlock my door; and 3 different door access cards – one for my office building, one for my office-office, and one for the my residential building.

Pft. I shall go for drinks. Mad with life in general.

P.S. Remember how a few months back I thought moving to HK and landing this job was like, THE bestest thing that ever happened to me? And I said I was going to do some charity because suddenly I’m earning like 2x more? And I said that I will treat J like a god because he kinda hooked me up with the opportunity?

Well, 1) I can’t do charity now because I’m in need of charity myself – what with all the rent and expensive trips to the supermarket; 2) I’m going to kill J.


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