Having the numbers of the most crucial service providers at my fingertips (or mobile phone) gives me a sense of belonging in any city. It’s not easy, it takes time to collect references, recommendations, reviews and personal testing!

Today I found THE manicure shop at CWB – diligent and perfectionist the way I like it. And cheap too – HKD50 for my first manicure with them, and if I sign a package, it’s HKD60/manicure. That’s 12 bucks only, which is half of prices back home. And I tried plucking my brows for the first time, instead of threading, at Shu Uemura. It’s not bad, and if I wanna revert back to threading, there’s always Browhaus at Lyndhurst Terrace. I also found a hair salon, sort of, will visit next weekend probably as they’re packed for this week. They aren’t cheap but I’m butt-terrified of paying less than 80 bucks for my hair. And I have an appointment Monday lunchtime with a well-known Botoxologist LOL – who does free touch-ups over a span of 6 months. Still on the hunt for an AHA facial, but will make do with the  normal spa types in the interim.

Yes that’s what I meant by the most important service providers in town.

I will settle the phone and apartment issues later.. after I come back from SZ.

The guys told me to bring just phone and money and ‘no need to bring change of clothes if you don’t sweat a lot’. Errr don’t we need cleanser, toothbrush, toothpaste, change of underwear, conditioner because some hotels don’t provide conditioner, instant coffee (to poop in the morning) and spare cigarettes in case SZ sells only Hong Ta Shan?

Typical guys.

Now I just need to find a bag to fit all of the above-mentioned. My little pochettes will not fit nuts. Wonder why I didn’t have the sense to bring bigger bags over to HK. Or to buy a Longchamp carryall while I was out just now.

BTW I’m considering expanding my search to CWB. I find myself there every weekend at least once, and while walking around today I found some back alleys that aren’t as claustrophobic and the 50m radius surrounding SOGO. I guess I can pack a salad after work and then take it home to eat if I really need a salad.

BTW BTW I’m craving these foods in order of dire need: some brown color noodle soup with fishballs that I saw the manicurist eat (don’t know what the hell it is, and where to find it/how to order it), kimchee soup and my mom’s tempeh and sambal petai.


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