I just showered. And pray tell what’s so special about that you may ask. Well.. I haven’t showered for 3 days. Yes I’m disgusting. I’m the bathe-in-the-morning type, and for two days in a row, I overslept – slightly yesterday, and very much today. To my credit, I got ready in 10 mins flat and reached the office exactly 19 mins after I woke up at 8.11am.

On the bright side, I’m home early (8pm!) for once and I just showered and soon I will go out to buy more phone credits to call my boyfriend who inexplicably went into a sour fit today because I haven’t been calling/emailing/texting him much, and to view apartments. Deadline’s looming! – 27 September I’m gonna be evicted unless I want the relocation people to seek approval from my line manager for an extension of my 38k HKD/month ‘business suite’. (Looks more like a deluxe room plus an adjoining living room.)


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