Life on the (over-limits) fast lane

Wanna hear about my day?

The moment my lady boss reached my desk after morning meeting, I looked at her expectantly. What did I do wrong, I wondered. I mean – I do something wrong everyday it seems. And she never lets me forget it – when I do something right, or better still, correct her mistakes, there’s not a whimper of noise; but when I do something wrong, oh gee the bird just doesn’t stop squawking.

Soon after the time designated for breakfast (no beidanchok today unfortunately), an urgent client request came in and I found myself harriedly pouring through prospectuses, 8-K and 10-K filings and Bloomberg, trying to dig out all sorts of dodgy information about how much deemed/indirect interest this guy had in a particular listedco because his wife owns this that owns that who owns that who owns that. Or this guy owns this company that owns this that owns that listedco.  

That took all morning, and when I finally saw the note that went out I was like WTH. Seriously, all the information on it could have been gleaned from a newspaper article and since we couldn’t find a conclusive answer from the above-mentioned investigation, it wasn’t used at all. How’s that for mammoth effort and zero output?

But anyway. No time to get miffed. Had to start updating this presentation – and anyone who deals with presentations relating to current prices, forecasts and price-based valuations will tell you that IT IS NOT FUN AT AL.L. Worked my ass off for another few more hours and finally managed to grab lunch at 5pm. My salad bar people thought I wasn’t coming and they gave away my share of broccoli at 4pm. Luckily they had asparagus (what a surprise)!

So I just sent the presentation to production in India. Them Indians better hurry and get back to me soon because my boss want to sign-off tomorrow and until they send it hack to me and I double-triple-quadruple check it, I can’t leave the office.

I guess I can begin on the remaining gazillion and one things on my to-do list (which only seems to be getting longer, not the other direction). Starting with the industry statistics that I have to update every Wednesday for the rest of my tenure here. I have a feeling I’m going to have nightmares every Wednesday for the rest of my life as well.

My shoulders hurt, have been hunching over the table for too long 😦 I go smoke, tata.

Did I mention that I went to check my eyes the other day and my eyesight is now more than 1000 degrees? I am like freaking blind, and I don’t think peering at multiple screens of font size 7-9 numbers is going to help make things better. Better ask my mom to send me some dried gou qi zi.

Did I mention that everyone’s half expecting to fly a resignation letter aeroplane into my line manager’s room? The previous two RAs left within 3-6 months. Historical data does not bode well.


4 thoughts on “Life on the (over-limits) fast lane

  1. mila says:

    lady bosses are the worst. you can get better and cheaper 枸杞子 in hk i supposed? put some on in a mug along with dried longans and red dates…they help to 补血! if not dried tea roses will be good..for great skin!

    p.s. im not an auntie.

  2. Yu Hui says:

    You are the anomaly. There are times historical data can only tell you this much. It’s a different market situation these days 😉

  3. what is the market situation now? that i’m broke and have bills to pay and a long distance relationship to maintain so i need to sacrifice my self-esteem and life to persevere in my job? haha yeah maybe. 😛

    team india is taking a long time, keep me company lei!

    mila> ok i acknowledge that you’re not an aunty. i was wondering what the hell 枸杞子 was so i put it through my translator and it came out as ‘medlar’ which left me completely confused until i saw the hanyupinyn (gouqizi) HAHA!

    i don’tneed to 补血!! i got a lot of 血in me methink… because my cheeks get rosier the harder i work. don’t like tea (except honey citron tea haha!)

  4. Yu Hui says:

    Hahahahah those indians slow eh? LOL I just ended a super long call with german director. My ear aches like mad.

    Many many pages of report and tabs in excel to look at :S

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