I woke up thinking it was Saturday (and why the fuck did I forget to turn my morning alarm off). Sigh. Hump day.

Today I’m going to stop gorging myself on crackers and digestives. NO to digestives for breakfast. NO to digestives for pre-lunch. NO to digestives for lunch. NO to digestives for post-lunch. And for tea and pre-dinner and dinner and post-dinner to. AMANDA – get back on the salad wheel. Your body is tricking you. Get ahead of it!

Today will be a good day for S and me. If I think about it hard enough, like I dreamed it was Saturday today, it might just happen. The divines – are you listening to me? I know I said I will turn religious and do loads of charity – but I haven’t been paid ever since I got here and looking all how much rentals are, I’m going to be b-r-o-k-e.

I did a back of the envelope calculation just to see if I’m better off or worse off here – well, assuming 10-hour days at my old place, and 15 here, I make about 5-7 SGD more per hour. Ho-hum.

OK, gotta run. Now that the note is published, I gotta prepare val comps for the morning meeting. Yipeeyadadoo.


8 thoughts on “HD

  1. ohyea hor.

    err but she only did hair – and she wasnt THAT good.

    go to team salon! i like them – cheap good and very heartlandishly-convenient i.e. near my house HAHA

  2. + says:

    that’s like simpang bedok leh. siao!

    aniwae…RG GIRLS DONT GIVE UP! press on. :p
    ok press on, bearing in mind you have a soul, heart and life.

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