Have I shown you my baby iron?

Thank you again for your comments; you’ve reminded me how much of a pleasure it is to write for not just myself but for others too. And of how much I enjoy the 10-15 minutes of  quiet time I have at the end of every day to devote to pure unadulterated writing, devoid of phrases like ‘increase xx% yoy and xx% qoq‘ and ‘trading at xx times  forward earnings‘, best accompanied with a cigarette.

It would indeed be a waste to stop doing something I love just because it’s appropriately adult to do so. So I guess – rather than preempt a premature ending, I’ll see if this blog dies a natural death. And I suppose if I get too boring or insipid, people will stop reading anyways haha. Btw know what’s ironic? I actually am worried people might think I’m sending myself on an all-expenses-paid ego trip by ‘threatening’ to stop blogging. (I’m not, but your comments were a real pleasant surprise! 🙂 )

Anyways! Have you seen my baby iron? I got it at SOGO, and all the while I was congratulating myself on how thrifty I was being. Get it? Pay half price for a baby iron instead of a regular iron – HAHA. Yes it did burn a great big gaping hope in my brand-new top but aah, it was a one-off thing and I attribute it partly to substandard fabric on the part of H&M. I remain steadfastly loyal to my baby iron and I will religiously take it with me on all my vacations since I am a ridiculously bad packer and my clothes always end up super crumpled (and I end up trying to ‘steam out’ the creases while taking a very long, very steamy shower).

Sebs took this picture when he was in HK with me, he was too amused by my baby iron. Can’t see the iron properly? Never mind – I’ll know you another in its full teeny weeny glory.

Super cute right. Lolll. P.S. Those sheets and comforter you see are heavenly. I don’t know what they’re made of but they swoon to my touch. They’re even better than Four Seasons! I so wanna buy them from the apartment when I move out..


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