I had dim sum for brunch at Causeway Bay, then I went shopping for a washing machine with the boys, then we went supermarketing for fruits, then we met Jeanette while cradling a watermelon, then we went upstairs and spent the whole afternoon juicing fruits, then we went to Kowloon for Thai food dinner, then we went to our respective homes, then we went to Q Bar, then we went to Prive, then we went to Tsui Wah.

Then now I’m home again.

I’m going to shut down my blog btw – I think it’s becoming less meaningful/significant to me these days…


9 thoughts on “0522hrs

  1. Cher. says:

    hey amanda…i wanted to ask you abt your tattooist in BK. Is he at Khao San? And do you need to call ahead or smthg? Also, do you know of any good places to shop in BK? I don’t want to buy 10 poor quality n cheap tops at chatuchak…am looking for something of better quality and design. Do you have any recommendations? Thx!!

    • yes he is on khao san road, actually more off khao san road. (it’s near khao san center)

      wld recommend you drop by on the first day of your trip in bkk to check him out, have a chat and fix a date for your tattoo proper

      he might be prebooked by customers who flew in specially from europe to get tattooed

      or he might be in his treehouse in kanchanabutri. lo

      • oh, and for shopping- go to platinum first, to chck out whats on wholesale so that you wont be scammed by shops at siam sq and suan lum trying to sell u a dress for 1200 bt when it costs 300bt at wholesale

        then for gd shopping i like siam square 🙂 OR if CENTRALWORLD is open, i like ZEN. it used to have a thai designer section – very nice!

      • Cher. says:

        thanks babe 🙂 🙂 and btw, i’d be really sad to watch this blog close…i enjoy your writing and your perspectives…it’s fresh, bold and moving.

  2. steph says:

    I agree with the rest as well for i find your blog such an enjoyable read. I love the way you write and your sense of humour. I hope you’ll reconsider your decision too.

  3. naomi says:

    Nononono!! Pls dont close your blog! Im your biggest fan, though we dont know each other personally..but i see you around in school on the past..allow me to say, i love you!

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