I just typed a 973-word long email to my ♥

I cut short my plans for tonight because 1) it started pouring, 2) I got bored with the person I was hanging out with (smoking with a person for 5 minutes is drastically different from hanging out for >2 hours), 3) I suddenly felt that home is the best place to be.

So let me be homey tonight, and I am really enjoying it with 3 consecutive mugs of steaming Korean honey citron tea. 🙂

A friend passed me a picture of myself today. It was nice and unexpected! It’s been awhile since I’ve had a real physical picture of myself that wasn’t passport-sized. He has this iPhone app that lets him print 30 pictures a month and because he ran out of pictures to use up his quota, he decided to print this picture of me posing with my dessert that he took last weekend. I disclaim – I was forced into food porning myself with the dessert.

I am not a food blogger. For some reason, he was under the impression that I run a food blog, a thought which I am extremely amused by. What would I blog about? Vegetable variety number 1 and vegetable variety number 2? A lowdown of the best salad bars in town?

Anyways – I’m going for dim sum brunch tomorrow! Anticipation! – my first real ‘taste’ of HK. Haha. I have been in a perpetual state of hunger for the entire week.. so a feast, methink, is well-deserved.

I’m gonna send that picture of myself to S tomorrow.. 🙂 Did I mention that he’s coming to visit me in October? I absolutely cannot wait……!


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