This morning I had a little run-in with NLRT.

I was trying to set up my Bloomberg news alerts but I accidentally entered in Country of Domicile into the alert list. And because my alerts are set on forwarding to my email account, I received like 500 news alerts on the HK markets all in a span of a few minutes. But the Bloom terminals were all being used so I couldn’t change my alerts until 5 minutes later. I spent 5 minutes deleting hundreds of emails at a go.

Anyways! Looking forward to the weekend! I’m going to have brunch, then sightseeing in HK, then dinner at a Korean restaurant and then drinks/party – all in that order! If I can’t finish my work by tonight (have 2 apartment viewing sessions at 9pm and 930pm respectively so far), I will come back Sunday. This Saturday will be for PLEASURE SEEKING.


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