Today was good; more things went right than the other way wrong. Lol. I’m tempted to talk about my boss, but I shall refrain, all in the good name of maturity, self-censorship and generally erring on the safe side.

I’m still musing over what Sharon told me this afternoon i.e. to eat more real food so that I spend less time thinking about how hungry I am and therefore becoming more productive. I would like to test her hypothesis but I’m been thinking hard instead about what kind of real food suits the Amandina. I think a sandwich is the closest I can get to real food, but ironically I think a sandwich is less abundant than a big, fat juicy salad which I tend to favor. Which doesn’t even quite fill me up these days.

My daily calorie intake now must be less than 1,000 kCal – at least 5 cups of coffee, 2 cups of english tea, 2 cups of honey citron tea, a (quite substantial) salad for lunch, and 2 apples for dinner. Depending on the size of apples; my apple today was quite big so I ate one only.

While I should be ecstatic at the potential involuntary weight loss, I’m starting to realize that tall+skinny=model-esque, short +skinny=scrawny. I don’t want to be scrawny!

Am very happy I got to leave work at 9.30 today because that meant I had enough time to drop by the supermarket for more instant coffee and orange juice. Count the (very) small blessings!! Tomorrow I have to get in at 6am because this US-listed company is reporting Q2 after market closes.

To my family, friends and loved ones – don’t worry about me. Life is tough, but I’m getting a real kick out of trying to out-smart the system. Quitting is not an option for now, but of course – if I get fired or if I choose to leave, life holds plenty still. Parting words from my ex-boss to me when I left: remember, it’s just a job.

P.S. Think my blog is getting really stale. I will try and take more pictures this weekend to up its entertainment value lol.


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