Where art thou?

Tolerance level of listening to financey talk revolving around salaries is at all-time, boundary-pushing high. It’s already at 10x my tolerance level back when I was in Bizad, refusing to converse with yet another creature blabbing about case competitions and internships. I need to meet an artist, a musician, a journalist, a sportsman, an engineer, an architect, a supply chain manager,  anyone.


6 thoughts on “Where art thou?

  1. mich says:

    perhaps you need to stop being someone you are not. we are in the finance industry because we love it, it is not a job, it is in our being. if you feel you are more creatively inclined, you should pursue your dream. but i doubt you are a creative – creatives have a vastly different outlook on life then you do. come to think of it, creatives hate conversing with anyone from the finance industry. they have so much disdain for capitalism and the people who turn these wheels.

    so make the best of what you are born to be.

  2. it’s not double standards…it’s just like anyone who both likes some elements of their job, and hates other elements of their job. that’s perfectly normal and common. an overdose of anything is usually overwhelming for most.

  3. j says:

    Hmmm try hanging out with people who have been in HK for like >3 years? I find that whenever I am with people who are new to HK (e.g. fresh grads or MBA grads, ppl who just move here) they tend to make conversation revolving around salaries / bonuses etc because they largely spend so much time at work; after people settle in a bit more, then conversations open up to include random things like… woods’ divorce, races in the desert, lions buffaloes and crocodiles, good food, random gossip….

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