Should I get a 750sqf apartment on Li Yuen Street West (one of the famous ‘Lanes’ in HK which is opposite H&M and is famous for its street market i.e. pasar malam), located on the 4th floor of a 1960s Chinese walk up building, decor reminiscent of a loft-style, quoted atHKD 14k /month? Link here

Or should I get a 400sqf apartment on Graham street (in nice, sexy, chill-out expat Soho area), decor modern and intelligent (for its size), has elevators, ย quoted at HKD16k/month? Link here

There’s room for negotiation for both, but I can’t decide whether to get the not-so-coolly-located, more troublesome (walk up 4 floors every day!!) but has more character (feels like a home with space), or the more-coolly-located, definitely more yuppie-styled but a bit serviced-apartment-feellish and more expensive one?

Oh, and I forgot to add: option 1’s stairs are freaking scary looking and they look like they yield cockroaches.

So how!


13 thoughts on “Question

  1. W says:

    option 2 la.
    the bigger the apartment, the more you have to clean…
    night markets tend to be noisy….

    and elevators tend be relaxing esp coming home dog-tired from work…. and hopefully has a mirrors inside for the requisite check-makeup-and-hair before going out..

  2. steph says:

    I think you should choose option 2 too.. sounds like its a more cozy and chillout pad.(: u get to live by yourself in your own loft,how cool is that!

  3. hou expensive ahhh…!! i also think its nice, but.. but… its super expensive! i think the lowest i can go is like 13.5k

    which is exactly the price that the person offered (who outbid me on the previous apartment)

    super ironic pft

  4. I think that having to walk up and down stairs in heels is terribly taxing for the ankles, and definitely a no-no cos’ the stairs are so rickety old in HK :S If the difference is only S$300, choose 2 la. At least you wont be frustrated when you reach home and smelling of the night market.

  5. Based on opinions solicited via my blog, fb and email (Sebs), i’ve concluded that NOBODY is in favor of steps lol. except jia maybe, because we all love romanticizing our 5th-floor walk up back in milan. i managed to stumble up even drunk, so it wasnt that bad.. then again, the steps were wide there.

    anyways i found the link for the 2nd option.. go check it out!

  6. amy says:

    actually i liked the sound of 1 better (and isn’t it within walking dist of lan kwai fong?)
    but then i was gonna tell you to take 2 cos it was smaller
    and then i realised it was more ex! (and being a practical s’porean, seems less worth it. haha)
    anyway don’t worry abt the svc apt factor cos u can still do it up however u want and actually i reeeeeeally loved the little studio svc apt i had in KL. despite the fact that altho i was on the 16th floor i cld hear the clubs below every night….

    otherwise, if you still can’t decide between the 2, look for an even better 3rd option!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. actually i like the look of option 1 cos of the location and besides i dun really mind the stairs or cockroaches.. u can invite friends to your apt too! value for money ๐Ÿ˜› my two cents worth… but of cos safety is most impt…

  8. I think option b looks tiny! What’s the wardrobe space like for A and B?

    Since you work late, perhaps you should choose an option that’s nearer your workplace and/ nearer the places you go to for dinner/drinks/after-work plans. Less travelling is impt especially when you’re exhausted.

  9. haha both are within walking distance of play/eat/drinks/work! (hence the price tag u see………….) anyways! landlord told me option 1 can go down to 15k max, while option 2 can go down to 12.5k which implies the stairs must be damn damn scaryyyyyyy

    • hey, do u mean option 1? in that case, i think u shd choose option 2. have you tried going there on a weekend night to see if you can tolerate the sounds of the streets? good luck!!

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