Today was shit. I went in at 7am, went for a morning meeting that stretched on for foreverrr, had to translate a Chinese government regulatory framework, had to chase/track/pin down a gabillion different types of data – all in Mandarin and involving a myriad different Chinese online game titles, then I had to back out some profit/loss figures from a couple of companies that got delisted/privatized, then I had to re-update a super outdated profit model of this company that revised their entire annual figure due to non-continuing revenue stream due to loss of license, then I had to cross-check a couple of Vlookup tables involving more Chinese game titles which have names like KT and WWJ and TX2 (liberally hanyupinyin-sized of course, because not every game has the fortune to be called Aion or World of Warcraft), then I had to crawl and camp on some Chinese government website to try and find ‘regular updates’ on this  issue, but I spent 2 hours on the site and I still couldn’t find the ‘regular updates’ (I have since outsourced it to my good friend Sharon). Then.. then I am very tired now lor.

Amanda Eng ‎3 thoughts : 1) i have worn pants to work EVERY SINGLE DAY for a fortnight. i doth feel like protesting and wearing a miniskirt tomorrow; 2) maybe i will wear my new purple hearts tshirt instead, 3) i’m going to get a Samsung phone!! 🙂

Yes I’m going to keep 2 phones – one for bbming my friends, and one to sms Sebs (and other non-bbm-users). I shamelessly asked S to send me a phone and he was more than happy to oblige. Haha!


2 thoughts on “Exhausted

  1. sharon says:

    most people get paid for doing outsourced work lorh…. me leh? free labour… lol. as i keep saying, i’m expecting a *very* good dinner when i go to hk for a holiday. =P

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