Welcome to the world of homogeneity

Yesterday I went to Three to get my BB postpaid tariff plan. I took 30 minutes to locate the shop and spent 30 minutes deciding betwee 20mb and unlimited data, mostly because I don’t even know how much data I currently consume; then the customer service guy took another 30 minutes to turn on/off/on/off/on/off my phone to do a couple of tests involving ‘locks’ and ‘sms sending’. My phone is very laggy; it takes forever to start up so on/off x 3 = 30 minutes at least.

Anyways it turned out one needed a HK ID to get a postpaid plan, which I didn’t have yet, so I couldn’t get it. -_-

So then I went for J’s housewarming party at CWB where I was duly inducted into a group of Singaporeans + other people from the region including Malaysians and Guangzhou-ians. There was a Puerto Rican too, but never mind about that. We, sorry I meant they, ate pizza, chicken wings, assorted types of poultry from HK, egg tarts; played Guitar Heroes and went karaoke-ing. I ate the egg tarts and promised to make a meganormous salad in future to feed these unhealthy people who can actually tolerate looking at a feast of brown colored food.

First I need to get a meganormous salad bowl of course.

I couldn’t have spent a more out-of-my-usual-activities type of evening – Guitar Heroes and karaoke? – but strangely, I had fun… ish. I stayed out until 4am listening to people wail out Chinese songs which I obviously don’t know nuts about but it was vaguely entertaining… ish.

I met at least a dozen new people, and everyone’s doing either sales, structuring, trading or research at either Macquarie, BNP, CS, UBS, RBS or MS. Departures and arrivals are fairly common – I know 1 guy who arrived 3 weeks ago, 2 people who arrived 2 weeks ago and I arrived a week ago. Next month, some guy I know is coming and he’s joining Citi. Talk about zero diversity and an entire legion of finance types who don’t mind working until 10/11pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays too.

Fun (and hardworking) times! It’s going to be worth it!


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