I didn’t bathe this morning hee.


8 thoughts on “RAndom

  1. sunday what. haha.

    its a long tshirt maxi dress from h&m!

    sebs dragged me around h&m last last friday evening, challenging me to buy a top to replace my frumpy work top (so i don’t look like his mom)

    i walked around for like 1.5 hours and all i could find was this.

    2 days after that, we repeated the same thing all over again, but at lane crawford. we were trying to spend 10k to get the card but after 2 hours all we got was a men’s bracelet for him.

    ok fine, i got it for him.

    it looks like a botega knockoff but it’s like.. more expensive!?! wtff lol. anyways its nice 🙂

  2. c. says:

    yahh i dragged my bf excitedly to h&m at HK too and after searching and searching ALL levels…i left empty-handed…sigh. i think it’s quite over-hyped. anyway ur lip gloss looks yum 🙂

  3. anyway u wont believe it— i fucking got OUTBIDDED for my dream apartment. i cant believe it. i might have to view another 25 more apartments! ohgod gimmme muchos mucho strength and an apt PLEASE!

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