Food Report

HK rocks in the food department — there are so many salad bars! 😀 I had a broccoli and tuna salad for lunch and then for dinner I had wakame salad, kimchi moyashi (bean sprouts) and a peach. I am living off what S stocked up for me at an unbelievable cumulative supermarket bill amounting to 220 euros). HK supermarketing is freaking expensive. 😦

I went to look at 4 apartments today. I went to work. I have no time to get a phone tariff plan and no time to collect my contact lens! And definitely no time to pluck my eyebrows or.. wax my legs or.. or.. work on The Scarlette or call DBS and demand for ibanking.. or.. or… arghhh!!!!!!!!!!! More importantly, I have no time to socialize! WTH.


One thought on “Food Report

  1. as much as i love my greens, salads are probably be the last thing on my mind when im there. dim sum ftw! oh, you should have some wanton mee too. the mee and the meat. haha!

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