We came, we saw, we fought, we loved

Yes I’m alive and back! But not exactly in the most verbose of moods so here’s a sum-up:

We are back together, but that is not to say that I am not half expecting to be dumped for a second time any time. Love makes us all fools, and I could potentially be the biggest of them.

As far as ‘group activities’ went,  we didgokarting, jetskiiing, ATV-ing (and I got infected by a thorn which ripped and pierced by finger – darn those ferocious overhanging branches.) Cheryl and I learnt to play ball. Cheryl learnt to play golf. We watched many DVDs until late in the night, including HIMYM – which isn’t that funny, don’t get what the HIMYM obsession’s all about?

Loved those moments on our little scooterino, bike curving dangerously, bodies fused tight, traversing the eastern coast of Phuket from Bang Tao to Kamala to Surin to Patong and Karon and Kata. Memories like these, I will treasure  forever.

Thank you Cheryla, for being the kindest gracious girlfriend one can have. You know why 🙂 Bacio x 4!

OMG I LEAVE SG IN 10 HOURS!!!!! Freaking unbelievable, considering I only came home Saturday night after 2 weeks of living out of my suitcase.

Too many departures in the past few days – this evening will be my fifth time at Changi Airport in 4 days. Friday morning we arrived from Phuket; Friday evening Abi left for Albania; Saturday evening Sebs left for Seoul; Sunday evening Cheryl left for Melbourne (and I sent all of them off); and tonight I leave. Wonder who’s going to send me off? Haha!

Sebs may come to me in HK this weekend 🙂 I hope he does.  Being apart seriously sucks 😦 It’s only been 2 days, and he’s only 6 hours away (Seoul) compared to the usual 13 hours (Milan), and already it feels so shit. Pft.


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