This post is for +

Told you I was (almost) deputy maid of honor – check out how my ears never left the phone!

(Miss Ger Tan on the other end of the phone ordering me around.)

Yes, yes.. I have gathered all the bridesmaids.. page boy! Where is the page boy! PAGE BOY!!!!

Yes, yes.. we are all ready. The car can come in now.. quickly! So I can get off the phone..

Speaking of phone, where should I put it!!! *Inserts phone between boobs* Empire waists were invented for a reason.

OK the last pic was really awful..

I need to leave you with a more pleasant memory of me:

Side view is always good lol.


3 thoughts on “This post is for +

  1. + says:

    HAHAHAHAAA lovely commentary, and yes i get the point about choosing the right slaves like AMANDA. now i’m utterly convinced Deb chose the perfect deputy MOH. funny that there needs to be one though, but looking at the number of people you had to manage….thank God she had one like you.

  2. hahahahahaha. ok now i can be a perfect BRIDE too LOL

    because i know exactly where to put my phone and update my status the minute i get married.


    or maybe not.. haha!

  3. moo says:

    Hi, your pictures look brilliant. May I know which function and what camera did you use?
    Planning to get one good enough (like yours) but not too bulky like a SLR. Any recommendations (most of your pictures turned out really well, especially the travelling ones. not photoshopped right?)

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